Enter The Glen Moray Experience

A unique journey into the world of Glen Moray whiskies. Step inside to learn more about the history of Glen Moray Distillery and meet the people behind the scenes.


With only five distillery managers in the past 120 years, the consistency behind GLEN MORAY ensures it remains one of the most highly-regarded Speyside single malt whiskies. Graham Coull, Glen Moray Master Distiller, will take you on a very special tour…

There’s a little bit of heart and soul in every single dram – but there’s also a very specific process involved in making whisky. Here’s how your bottle is born…

Using the best wood to create perfection

Over the years the Glen Moray Distillery has established a style of whisky created by an investment in quality bourbon cask. But also innovation in finishing and maturing in other styles. This has led us to source casks which will develop a stock profil that is both experimental and of the highest quality.

Glen Moray can be enjoyed at any time, whether it’s part of a celebration or just as a quiet dram at home with friends and family. The common thread is that it’s there to be enjoyed. Here’s how to truly appreciate Glen Moray…

We’re very proud that Glen Moray is a truly accessible whisky – it’s warm and welcoming, appreciated by connoisseurs and novices alike. Our unique portfolio of different expressions features many different tastes and characteristics, each with its own unique personality. Which one is your favourite?

Crafted by Expertise, Perfected by Speyside

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